Announcing Launch of A Full Stack Course With Bonus Content

Announcing Launch of A Full Stack Course With Bonus Content

The only course you will need to become a MERN Stack developer


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Today I'm extremely excited to announce the pre-launch of the MERN(MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js) stack course where you will learn to build an online learning platform just like Udemy, Pluralsight etc.

It's a video based course and not text based.

It's also one of the best project to add to your portfolio to get hired.

This is the only course you will need to become a MERN Stack developer(full stack).

The biggest feature of this course is that, you will learn how to write unit test cases for the entire React application using react testing library.

What You Will Learn In This Course

  • How to create React and Node.js project from scratch

  • Learn how to use React Context and useReducer hook together to write better code

  • Implement secure cookie based login authentication without storing a token in local storage

  • Role based authentication for course instructors and users

  • Learn how to implement private routes

  • Learn how to restrict your backend APIs to be accessible by authorized and logged in users only

  • Learn React Router 6, manage application state using Redux toolkit

  • Separate Instructor and User dashboard

  • How to allow purchasing courses using stripe payment

  • Learn how to upload and store course videos on amazon S3

  • How to write secure code to avoid sql injection and other security issues

  • Learn how to deploy the application to production

and a lot more..

This course is perfect for you, even if you're just a React developer.

As a part of black friday sale and pre-launch offer for limited time, you will be able to get this course at 70% discount today.

After Learning Through This Course, You Will Be Able To Build Any MERN Stack Application Confidently And Easily.



Bonus Content

If you purchase the course today, you will get FREE access to my popular Mastering Modern JavaScript ebook and Mastering Redux course immediately after signup as a part of bonus.

So click the link below to learn more about the course, reviews, FAQs and join the course today to get 70% discount offer.

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