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Best Way Format And Manipulate Numbers In JavaScript

Best Way Format And Manipulate Numbers In JavaScript

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·Oct 2, 2021·

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Today we will see a very popular and easy-to-use library that allows us to convert and manipulate numbers.

Many times we need to display numbers like 1400 to 1.4k, 1000000 to 1M which may be numbers of views, likes or comments.

Sometimes we need to add commas in long numbers to easily understand it.

It's very difficult to handle all the scenarios ourselves.

So to make our task easier there is a library known as Numeral.

Let's understand how to use it.

There are two ways of using it.

  • include the CDN in a script tag
  • install it as an npm package

We will use the second way of npm.

To install the package, execute the following command:

npm install numeral


yarn add numeral

Import the library

import numeral from "numeral"; // ES6


const numeral = require('numeral'); // Nodejs

Get the number in comma-separated format

const commaSeparated = numeral(50000).format("0,0");

console.log(commaSeparated); // 50,000

Get the number in k(thousand), m(million) format

const kFormatted = numeral(23000).format("0a");
const mFormatted = numeral(1230974).format("0.000a");

console.log(kFormatted); // 23k
console.log(mFormatted); // 1.321m

Get the numbers in the ordinal format

const ordinal = numeral(23).format("0o");

console.log(ordinal); // 23rd

Get the number in MB, GB format

const bytes = numeral(2348895676).format("0.00b");
console.log(bytes); // 2.35GB

Get the number in exponential format

const exponential = numeral(676565765722).format("0,0e+0");
console.log(exponential); // 7e+11

To explore other formats and examples visit http://numeraljs.com/.

Thanks for reading!

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