Improve Your Coding Skills & Productivity

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Improve Your Coding Skills & Productivity


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If you're following me on LinkedIn, then you might already know that I regularly share useful tips, tricks & articles to help others.

Many developers found the content useful But I was not having any resource where you will find my all tips, tricks and article together.

And Because "A lot of my connections asked me whether I have a single resource where they can find the useful tips and tricks I share regularly and which are also shared in my lot of articles and tutorials."

And the answer was always No. So I wanted to create such a resource that is quick and easy to access whenever needed in the future.

Launch of Ebook

So, I'm very excited to announce the launch of 130+ Tips, Tricks & Resources ebook today.

The ebook includes:

  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS, React, Node.js Tips & Tricks
  • Useful JavaScript Code Snippets
  • List of Useful Articles and Tutorials
  • Resources of Preparing for Interview

and a lot more.

This ebook will help you to improve your coding skills and productivity.

As a part of the launch offer, only for 2 days (Dec 03 - Dec 04), you will get the book at just $8 instead of the regular price of $13.

Also, you can get my Mastering Modern JavaScript book and Mastering Redux Course at just $8 instead of the original price of $13 and $19 respectively.

I have also added a combined package where you can get both the books and the course at just $20.

I have never offered such a huge discount and will never be offered again so get your copy of the course and book today.

I'm sure you will find it useful.

That's it about this short annoucement.

Click the below image and get your copy of the ebook.

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