Most Useful Browser Extensions You Might Not Know

Most Useful Browser Extensions You Might Not Know


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In this article, you will see two very handy extensions which you'll find very useful when browsing projects on GitHub.


This extension allows us to browse project files on GitHub just like you browse files in your favorite IDE. You can install it for chrome from here.

Once installed, when you goto any project on GitHub, you will see an Octotree button on the left which opens a drawer allowing you to easily browse the files.


It will make browsing files on GitHub very fast thereby increasing your productivity.

So now, there is no need for clicking on the folder back and forth to go to any file in a GitHub repository.


This is another useful extension that allows us to quickly go to any file by just clicking on the import statement or method call in the file.

You can install it for chrome from here.

So just like you use Control + click or Command + click (Mac) to navigate to any code in your IDE, you can use just a single click to navigate between files as shown below:


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